Our Dedicated Freight service offering is a variation of our Truckload service, whereby we agree to make our equipment and drivers available to a specific customer for shipments over particular routes at specified times. In addition to serving specific customer needs, our Dedicated Freight service offering also aids in driver recruitment and retention.

Cost control is a difficult task and the added responsibility of managing your transportation can be overwhelming. With our large network and focus on excellent customer service, we are able to provide customized solutions to your dedicated challenges.

Our understanding of fleet management offers you a distinctive competitive advantage. We work with customers of all sizes and we offer solutions that reduce your supply chain cost while keeping you in control.

Dedicated Freight service is focused on driving down transportation costs, improving distribution networks and increasing customer satisfaction through consistent capacity.

Get better control of your transportation needs by:
• Consistent transportation costs
• Reduced liability
• Customized operations
• Guaranteed capacity with your own dedicated program
• Reducing empty miles and costs while improving efficiency
• Highly-skilled drivers using modern, well-maintained equipment